All About Scratch Off Systems

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All About Scratch Off Systems

Submitted by: Chris Malcolm

For those interested in the ingenuity and practicality of the scratch off cards such as the ones sold for the lottery, prepaid cards of all sorts and certain promotional cards with trivial prizes, Scratch Off Systems is the supplier for you. They supply many scratch off cards as well as the printing used for the cards and the security labels. It is a relatively new privately held company, which began in 1998, this year the company celebrates it’s tenth anniversary. Since Scratch Off Systems is a privately held company, the stocks that are owned by few people are not being traded publicly to the stock market. All is well however since the owner is still working vigorously against his company’s competitors daily.

Scratch Off Systems has a wide variety of attractions that sets itself on a higher pedestal against it’s competitors such as the many award-winning teams that the company has produced. These teams are comprised of the most artistic and ambitious workers who flaunt their creativity by creating newer and more aesthetically pleasing layouts for their products. They also meet the demands of the customers by custom making the layouts that are sent to them. To ensure the maximum quality of their created goods, Scratch Off Systems is known for it’s in-house production as opposed to outsourcing.

Going more in depth concerning the options one may receive when purchasing the products, different sizes is an option, from the credit card size to a simple three by five index card size to a four by six card as the largest available size. Quantity is also an option and while they offer around the same minimum amount as other competitors which is five hundred, Scratch Off Systems allows the printing of up to one million copies. Customization and wrapping for delivery also becomes available to those who are interested in having a unique product. When it comes to the security labels, which are the shiny latex covers one must scratch off to obtain a prize, many options also become available such as the holographic labels or the simple latex labels. Normally, it takes a while to print these on cards in bulk but with the fusion label series, a customer is allowed to place up to 80,000 scratch off labels on a single roll. This fusion label series can be run for hours without having to change the roll. Scratch Off Systems even offers wafer seals for festivals and games as well as magnetic stripes for credit cards.

Many of the examples and samples of the products that can be found being manufactured and supplied by Scratch Off Systems can be found in the main website. Many testimonials can be found there as well. This site mainly can be used to contact the workers who would be more than willing to answer the questions of curious customers. According to the site, postal mail, e-mail and telephone are all valid ways to contact the company. Visit the site and purchase your next set of scratch off cards the next time you need them.

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