Are you still worried about the scratch on the furniture ?

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Felt-tip touch-up markers come in a variety of wood tones to match common home furniture finishes. Use them to color large scratches or edges where the stain has worn away. Simply choose a shade that matches your finish and rub the stick into the scratch with firm, even strokes. Continue until the scratch is completely filled, and then remove any excess with the edge of a hard plastic card. Allow the wax to dry and buff the entire area to a smooth finish. Apply only to damaged areas, and wipe immediately if any gets on the neighboring finish.Apply a coat of paste wax over the repair and the entire adjacent surface to impart an even sheen.

If however, you want to actually fix the scratch, there are a few repair methods that don’t cost very much more than a bit of elbow grease and material that can be found at most hardware stores. Take another cotton cloth and get it damp. Slightly deeper scratches can be fixed by next wetting a cloth and placing that cloth over the scratched area. The cloth should not be dripping wet, but it should be damp enough to leave wet residue when it is removed.

For scratches that are deeper, furniture patching sticks are very effective. Found in just about every hardware store, these wax sticks come in just about every shade of wood stain that you can come across. Using these sticks is fairly easy as well. A very light scratch can be treated with nail polish, furniture benton harbor michigan sofa nail polish remover, antique furniture hallmarks perfumes) should be dabbed, savoie furniture toronto not wiped because they can act like a furniture

Scratches in dark oak mop boards and trim can be covered up with black, fine-point laundry markers. On red finished mahogany, scratches can be made invisible with iodine and sometimes a red, fine-point laundry marker. With the wide variety of present day shoe colors, shoe polish is also a good cover-up solution. Check out your local shoe repair shop for a sample of colors to match your modern home designs and floors. Rubbing scratches with the meats of oily nuts will also help remove apparent scratches. Floor wax can also be used for neutral shades of wood.

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