Brief History of Paintless Dent Repair and its development

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The common hail damages and bumps are usually repaired using various techniques with the use of heavy tools and painting methods. It is only a couple of years back that PDR has existed. Whether they are here just recently or has been used for a long time, it is good to trace back who and when it came.

PDR is an advanced strategy that: 1. can be done anywhere, in your home or work 2. are priced reasonably that it is cheaper than the traditional method 3. offers fast results and can be finished within the day 4. preserves the rust-proof and original condition of your automobile 5. repairs your vehicle without the need to paint or spray PDR can be traced back in the 80?s when high class auto makers such as Bentley, Ferrari and Porsche introduced it as a form of repair. During car assembly and they see some dents, they used steel rods and a special light to get rid of those imperfections.

These days, this technique is now known as Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and is used by many auto body shops worldwide to remove car dents.

Earlier, overhead lights (flurorescents) can indicate dents and bumps on a car. This is the common theory that is even applied by the 21st century car makers. This just proves that there are so many ideas about the strategy and how PDR originates.

Brief History of contemporary PDR:

The manufacturing of Monocoque shell (cars without a proprietary chassis) is credited for the origin of the contemporary PDR in the late 50?s to mid 60?s. Previously, the technique uses gauge (thick metal), but with technology today, it utilizes thin steel sheet to straighten up the bends.

However, the truth is that still plenty of people are not aware of the advanced strategy. This becomes a challenging point for Auto Body Painting shops to bring it to the mainstream. This is why there are some auto shops that specialize on this arena such as Caropractor. However, unlike the traditional repair and painting session, PDR is a form of removing dents done by the skilled technicians.

It is more of a mastery and art by following series of steps in order to remove the dents without chipping paint and repainting. With advanced methods, there are also various tools used that can be used depending on the condition of the damage including whales, glue stick gun and puller, door hooks, wires, dent repair hammer and dollies, window protector, window wedge, knock down tool, hand tool, dent lights and reflectors. As time goes by, continuous development of PDR has showed great improvement on how cars are being repaired today.

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