Building a Model Car From Scratch

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Building a Model Car From Scratch

Submitted by: Kadence Buchanan

Get the Car You Want

Now, to those of you who are like this, I tip my hat to you. I have patience, don’t get me wrong, but I’m no saint. And to me, this is what it takes to master the art of making your own model car from scratch. I got annoyed at times with just putting the kits together. But do you want to make that car you have seen, but no one has a kit for? Now you can!

Getting Started

Every good creator starts with a drawing. Draw the details of what you want. If you don’t know where to get the supplies, you can show someone at the store what you would really like to do. From there, they can best advise you on the parts you will need. The things you might need will always vary according to whose model you want to base your dream car off of; because while you might be the creator, the idea might have been inspired by a model you pieced together, but you might like to add a few features too. There are many online sources that you can get particular pieces from, not just a whole kit. So, do a search; you might find what you’re looking for.

You first start out by sketching the main frame. Make it very low scale. Make sure you draw your car at different angles so as to hit all those key points of the car that you have floating around in your mind. What does it look like? Start adding your detail into it. Add in custom painting. Some people add flames and things like that. With the design etched on paper you can begin formulating it from scratch.

Use Proper Scale and Details

By determining what scale you want, you can begin designing. If you make it too small you will have a hard time getting in the details. Just a little side note that is helpful to remember. Develop the measurements you want to use. Make your reference points at the tires. Using current kits for pieces, design the car that you would like to make. You may like one type of car, but see it with a different bumper or fender; that sort of thing. The sky is the limit with what you want to do. This allows you to paint it whatever color you want to, and use different styles to your liking to create that one special piece. The more details you add in your drawing the more ideas you can get for what you need to create, and what you need to get from other sources.

Online Help

No matter what, the project should be fun! There are many different links online that can help you with in-depth details for creating your own model. You just have to search, but each model is different. So, make sure to specify what sort of model you are looking to create. Most people have the type of car in mind, just with different effects; so that can be your starting point by using those key words. Have fun, have patience, and model to your heart’s content!

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