History of Bodywork Therapy

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History of Bodywork Therapy

Submitted by: Layne Emerson

Bodywork therapy is considered as one of the newer type of holistic therapy which is used in naturally treating a number of conditions and dysfunctions through the principles of mind and body connection.

Australian Chiropractor and medical expert Dr. John Veltheim was a man well versed in the interconnection of the mind and body at a young age. He remembered that at the age of 8 during the time while learning martial arts that he had encountered and had known the importance of energy balance in the human health. The therapy was discovered in the mid 1990s at the time where self-healing was very important to him. Dr. Veltheim?s medical backgrounds were quite fascinating as he was a master in Reiki therapy, traditional acupuncturist, chiropractor, and the head of the College of Chinese Medicine and Natural Therapies. However, after being diagnosed with Epstein Barr, his knowledge and medical backgrounds were tested in boiling water due to the fact that he only had a week to live due to his condition. The damage caused to his liver was severe and that he had no choice but to devise his own healing techniques in order to treat himself completely of the disease. Although battered with the worries of his condition, Dr. Veltheim was still able to be determined in finding a solution to his health problem. While he was in New Zealand, he found solace and treatment in the hands of Dr. Tracy Livingston. After undergoing in Dr. Livingstone?s therapy, the next thing he knew is that his condition was back to normal and the Epstein Barr was gone due to the effectiveness and success of the treatment. Dr. Livingstone was Dr. John Veltheim?s former student and was happy to share her technique to her former teacher. She gave all the information needed in order to properly and effectively conduct her therapy on those that required medical attention that can?t be addressed by the other types of alternative treatment and the modern medical technology. He later on redefined and improved the technique which was later on introduced to the public and was known as the Bodywork technique.

Today, we know and enjoy the technique as the combination of essential elements from various therapies used together to create a safe, non-invasive and powerful massage therapy that functions as a self-healing treatment. The therapy is proven to include no risks and dangers due to the use of light touch and tapping methods done by the therapist. Bodywork sessions are also suitable for individuals who are not into undressing on massage therapy sessions. It can also work fine for those who hate the greasy feeling of massage oils as it doesn?t need any lubrication on the skin due to its method of not involving manual manipulation of the physical body.

You can get this type of massage by starting on searching through the Internet the nearest local massage spa or health center in your place. Make sure though that you receive the therapy from a well trained therapist to get quick and effective results.

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