How And Why Paintless Dent Repairt Works

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How And Why Paintless Dent Repairt Works

Submitted by: Paul Fountain

Paintless dent repair is a process of removing small dents and dings from an automobile. This method is an efficient method of dent repair which is also inexpensive. In paintless dent repair method, the dents can be repaired for less money and can be performed at the user?s house or automobile repair shops. A skilled technician is required for performing paintless dent repair. Minor dents in the body of a vehicle are scrubbed off with the help of a metal rod or pick. This work is performed from the inner panel of the vehicle. The process is faster and on an average it takes only 10-20 minutes for a repair.

The dent can be accessed by several methods in paintless dent repair which depends on the location of the dent. If the dent happened at the door of a vehicle it can be accessed through the window ledge opening by rolling down the window. There is a manufacturing opening in all vehicles at the door jam area and the dent can be accessed through that place for doing paintless dent repair. Another method to repair a dent at the door is to access the dent through the door panel. Yet another option is to drill a hole at the door jam location and after performing the repair close the hole with a silicon plug. Thus depending upon the location of dents occurred at the door area different methods exist in paintless dent repair for accessing the dent. If the location of the dent is at the rear panel any one of the following options can be used to access the dent. One can access the dent through the opening at the rear door jam area or via the manufacture?s opening for paintless dent repair. Accessing via the trunk which may some time require the need the removal of inner time is another option. Back light assembly area is another place where you can access the dents at the rear area. Inner wheel shell can be removed partially and the dent can be accessed through the wheel well. If the dent is seen at the front area of the vehicle it is easy to access the dents. The dents can be accessed for paintless dent repair through the engine area. Another way is through the assemble area of headlights.

The possibility of paintless dent repair depends upon the efficiency and skill of the technician. Nearly eighty to ninety percentage of dents found in vehicles can be repaired through paintless dent repair method. Most of the dents which can?t be repaired completely can be improved by minimising the visual effect of the dent through paintless dent repair. The advantage of paintless dent repair is that original paint remains unchanged which helps to maintain the look of the vehicle and there by increasing the resale market value of the vehicle. The paint works and sanding needed in the traditional dent removing system is completely eliminated via this new system. Dents can be repaired quickly with this method. Paintless dent repair system can?t be done to dents occurring in parts which are not accessible. Dents occurring to plastic bumper can?t be fixed by paintless dent repair method since plastic materials can?t be fixed with this technique.

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