How Important Is To Have Apartment Building Insurance?

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What Exactly Is Building Insurance?

Building insurance is a policy that covers any physical damage to the building of the house or the apartment such as floor, roof and walls etc. Some of the comprehensive building insurance policies may also cover the damages to the fittings and fixtures of the building such as fitted bathrooms and kitchens. If the fittings and fixtures are included in your policy, the company will also pay for its repair that you may require.

What Does Building Insurance Cover?

This may largely depend on your insuring company and the kind of policy you adapt but in general, apartment building insurance covers following causes to damage the building:

? Explosions, fire or smoke ? Natural disasters like flood and storms ? Subsidence ? Vandalism ? Car collision ? Leaking pipes or water damage ? Falling tree

According to the type of policy you have, other building structures around the apartment may such as fences, garages, and driveways.

Do You Really Need Building Insurance?

If you are living in an apartment as a tenant, it is certainly your land lord?s responsibility to get the apartment building insured. You may take help of your solicitor to check out whether your lease agreement needs you to have individual building insurance. Sometimes the premiums to the apartment building insurance are already added as the service charges. So, it is important to check prior to buy any policy.

Even if the landlord has not arranged for any building insurance, you can individually or in group buy building insurance to safeguard your home. You may club to buy shared building insurance policy with other tenants in the apartment. This way, all the flats of the apartment would get insured with shared and affordable premiums. An experience insurance broker might help you to get suitable insurance policy that matches your budget and requirement.

Prior to buying building insurance policy, it is imperative to thoroughly check what is included and what is not. This saves a lot of confusion and unnecessary delays in payment when you claim for any damage in the building. Building insurance is a serious concern, make sure that you invest in one that is the best and provides total coverage with utmost peace. offers Apartment building insurance plans that have been especially designed to meet the requirements of Building Contracts Insurance.

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