Preserving Your Car’s Finish With A Bug And Tar Remover

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Preserving Your Car’s Finish With A Bug And Tar Remover

Submitted by: Vincent Platania

Summer is a great time for travel, but unfortunately, it is also the time of year when asphalt and bugs are the most likely to build up on your car. If you’ve ever driven through a construction site with fresh asphalt, you know how frustrating it can be knowing that you’ll have to get that gunk off somehow. Keeping a good bug and tar remover on hand is one way to ensure you’ll be able to keep your car in good condition throughout the summer season.

Road trips are great, but the inevitable bug buildup is not. It’s an unfortunate aspect of car travel that bugs will end up on your windshield, grill, and headlights. While the windshield wipers provided at gas stations do a fair job at removing built up bug, they often do not do a great job. Additionally, the cleaning solution is often so dirty that adds more grime rather than remove it. Cleaning your grill and headlights is also difficult with the wiper provided at the gas station, and the next people in line may not be too keen on waiting for you to finish.

A home product specifically designed to remove road tar can combat both the construction and bug buildup issues. In addition to tar, your car can attract pieces of asphalt, tire rubber, grease, and oils. The sooner you are able to remove these from your car, the better it is for the finish. These elements stick to your cars surface firmly, and a regular cleansing routine is often not enough to combat the problem. To remove stain, tar, and bugs, you need a much stronger cleaning agent: one that is made for these elements.

Solvents are agents that are capable of dissolving other substances. A bug and tar remover will dissolve the oils and grime on your car so that you can easily wipe it off. But and tar removers are solvents that will remove the tar without removing the finish on your car. This is important, because as you probably already know, some solvents are designed to remove paint and other chemicals (think turpentine). When using these types of solvents, it is important that you read and follow directions carefully. Some products are considered hazardous and require special handling. Also, of course, keep these products out of the reach of children and away from direct heat.

Removing bug from your car also requires a special agent such as a bug and tar remover. While a squished bug looks innocent, it can actually cause a bit of damage to your finish. The tiny bits of exoskeleton can make tiny scratches in your finish that can become larger scratches or rust. Bugs also deposit acidic fluids on your car, and most everyone knows how damaging acid can be! Bugs on your car become a chemical mix that is firmly attached, requiring a chemical process for complete removal. Definitely more of a job than the gas station wipers can handle!

A bug and tar remover product will make it much easier to clean those difficult areas as well. The design of your grill is great for keeping the radiator and engine cool, but it’s also perfectly designed for trapping a large collection of bugs. A wiper cannot get into the nooks and crannies of the grill, but a good solvent can quickly remove road tar and bugs in those hard to reach areas. This is the same for your headlights. The curved shapes make it difficult to reach all the buildup without the use of a cloth and a quality solvent

When using a bug and tar remover on your finish, avoid excessive scrubbing and wiping. Allow enough time for the bug and tar remover to work. Depending on how thick the buildup, this may take a bit of time. However, the solvent will dissolve the grime without scratching, whereas scrubbing on your part can cause damage. Use a soft terry cloth to wipe the bug and grime clean after the solvent has set on the problem area. If needed, repeat the procedure to remove stain, tar, and other buildup.

Following a treatment to remove road tar, you’ll need to re-wax your car to fill in the damaged areas and prevent further harm. Remove the bug stain, tar, and other elements with a bug and tar remover, and then thoroughly wash your car with a cleaning agent designed for cars. Dry your car using 100% cotton towels, and apply a car wax product. This will help ensure that any future run-ins with bugs and tar will not create too much damage.

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