What Does Car Hail Damage Cost?

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What Does Car Hail Damage Cost?

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Winter is one of the toughest seasons for vehicle owners. The road is wet and slippery, some days snow gets in the way while driving that getting them off the road requires shoveling them. Then here comes Hail, some hail stones fall as fast as 115 mph and sizes that range from a size of a pea to even a size of a golf ball.

When you?re on the road driving and sudden hail storm falls in, there?s a little chance you can protect your car if you?re inside and on the moving road. After the storm, your automobile is left with dents on it, or worst, maybe even left with a smashed windshields and shattered windows.

Having your car Repaired

Having to repair a car damaged by hail is expensive. It can cost you a couple of thousand dollars or even more depending on the damage your vehicle has. There is really no accurate price that fits all because the price tag for repairing depends on how much the damage is. Look for the nearest auto repair shop in your town and inquire before letting them repair your car. Ask what methods of repair are used, and see if it?s not overprice and this is the best method to repair dents.

The average cost per large dent starts from $100-$200, depending on how large the dents are. Though shops will look at the whole condition of your car and would give you estimate repair cost.


Most auto repair shops accept major credit cards. Also check with your car insurance company if you have one, some company will shoulder a percentage of hail damaged or will pay an exact amount depending on the contract you signed with them, this is called hail claim.

How You Can Save

If the damage of your car is not too bad, there?s a possibility that you can apply do-it-yourself methods to repair it. Small dents can be remedied by methods that would cost much less or no cost at all. One way to get rid of small dents is to soak your car under the heat of the sun, but since its winter time, you have to wait ?til winter is over. Another known method is using hair dryer. Concentrate the hair dryer on the dent until it pops out. The hair dryer will release heat that is as effective as the sun or much effective.

Each and every car is going to be different with its situation. You?re going to find that many collision shops out there are going to be more than happy to assist you with a free quote. What you?re going to find is that if you take your car to 2-3 places, you?re going to get many various quotes. This is a great way to save. Remember, check with your insurance as you may find that something such as this is going to be covered. It?s best to always check even if you think it won?t. You never know if you can save!

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