Your Questions About Paintless Dent Removal

Nancy asks…

how much does it cost for paintless dent removal for small dent on car ?

how much does it cost for paintless dent removal for small dent on car ?
on the doors and panel on the side of the car, too many careless ppl in NYC door their doors without caring other car next to them……

Brian Blanc answers:

It will depend on where the dent it located and how difficult it is to get to from the back side.

Mandy asks…

paintless dent removal training in the bromley area?

i live in the bromley area and have plenty of time on my hands and was looking at doing a training programme for paintless dent removal. anyone know of anything local or nearby?

Brian Blanc answers:

Hi try halfords between west wickham and shirley road name not sure of.
Have seen small panel repairs done there

Steven asks…

How does paintless dent removal work to smooth out dents on your automobile?

Brian Blanc answers:

They are pro’s and they use special tools it’s a skill and shouldn’t be tried if you haven’t been trained

Maria asks…

How much money do paintless Dent removal techs make in a year?

Brian Blanc answers:

Since I have been a technicians for over 18 years, and have dozens of techs working for me at any time, I can answer this one in detail for you and very simply: ALOT!

All kidding aside, they make a ton of cash, and here are some examples..

A Paintless Dent Repair Hail technician can easily make over $500k a year, which might sound alot to some, but they are sort of the professional ball players of Paintless Dent Repair, if you will. Like a pro ball player, Hail Techs are extremely adept and good at pushing many dents out in short time, earning often over $3000- $5000 a day, and sometimes more.

Paintless Dent Repair Route technicians also make great money and can exceed $100,000 annually just by servicing a few clients a day. Many of my techs average over $150 per client and are usually done in less than 40 minutes, including invoicing and getting paid.

Wholesale Paintless Dent Repair Techs also reap a good sum- many service auto dealers and bill out $1000’s per month while serving dozens of dealers monthly, and others just service rental car agencies and car auctions and bill out $1000’s per day.
Its funny how much this trade generates, and even better to think about how little expenses Paintless Dent Removal Technicians have as well. Almost 1005 of their earnings are raw profits. How many others can say that in any other business…
Not too many.
Many Paintless Dent Removal techs make more than doctors, and only go to school for a few WEEKS…doctors are in school for often more than a decade, with school loans that could crush a small building!

Ruth asks…

Has anyone had paintless dent removal on car to remove hail damage? How long does it take?

Brian Blanc answers:

Yes, many times over the last 15yrs or so. As a paint shop owner I have sent clients to, and worked in conjunction with a local PDR, as some dents are just not going to respond to this type of repair. Sharper dents or those close to edges or body lines, are good examples, and some just cannot be accessed from behind the panel. No good way for the novice to guess @ time needed, 1 dent may be 2hrs, the next 7-8 minutes! Definitely better than bodywork & refinishing, as I practice ‘do no harm’ and will not ‘break the paint’ if poss.

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