Your Questions About Paintless Dent Removal

Mark asks…

which type of paintless dent removal is better? glue pull or rods?

is one method of removing hail dents from vehicles better than the other? glue pull and rods?

Brian Blanc answers:

The *efficiency* of one auto body repair technique over another depends upon the severity of the hail damage and the type of body material.

Charles asks…


I have a couple of dime sized dings on my rear fender. Whats the procedure involved for a paintless dent removal? Is it easy or complicated?

Brian Blanc answers:

Listen to faabaa a, not these doubters. I have a good friend doing this 15 years and have seen it done in front of me. This is not something done RIGHT without using a pro.

Susan asks…

paintless dent removal schools in orange county california?

Brian Blanc answers:

Superior Auto Institute in Newport Beach.

Donald asks…

Can one of those paintless dent removal places fix a small dent on my hood thats larger than a half dollar?

Brian Blanc answers:

Well it might pull most of it out like 95%. Some evidence will be left from fast repairs. If its like a new import it will pull out very easy. But if its a old or domestic it will be a little more challenging. Use your judgment on the dent see if it needs to be pulled or can pull easily.

Carol asks…

Relaible, professional Paintless Dent Removal in Los Angeles?

Does anyone know of a good/experienced, realiable, and professional paintless removal company/person in the Los Angeles area? Any personal experiences? Also, how does this work exactly?

I’m hoping no one (i.e. family/friends) will notice this dent so I’m looking into getting this done as soon as possible. There are no scratches or cracks in the paint, so I’m hoping PDR will solve my problem. I can’t remember the size of it, probably about the size of a softball or slightly larger so I’m hoping it will be under $200?

Brian Blanc answers:

Dent Wizards is one of the better companies that I’ve dealt with in my bodyshop and dealer experience in Milwaukee…usually around 75.00 per panel. 1-800-Dent-Wiz is a good source for trade info.

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