Your Questions About Paintless Dent Removal

Richard asks…

Paintless dent removal?

There is a video about paintless dent removal using a hair dryer and a can of air duster. I know the technique works on large dents, but does it work on small dents?

Brian Blanc answers:

PDT has been around for about 15 years now. It definitely is not something for the amateur. It sounds easy, but so does a root canal when you break it down to its simplest terms.

James asks…

how does paintless dent removal work?

Brian Blanc answers:

Contrary to popular belief it is not suction cups

Mostly they use large metal rods to reach in-behind areas of dents and gently push them out. It is very tedious and can be very frustraiting it is really a skill. On areas that do not have access to get behind (such as double folded metal) they will used what is called glue tabs. They put a dab of hot glue on the tab and place it on the center of the dent. When the glue dries they use a plung hammer to pull the dent out. This is the least favorable method because it usually doesn’t come out on first try, and it can also put high spots in the metal that must be gently worked back down.

Betty asks…

paintless dent removal in maryland?

What are some cheap paintless dent removal companies in maryland?

Brian Blanc answers:

Just do a search for paintless dent repair in Maryland. It should turn up a few dent removal companies.

If you want a quality repair, then look for a good company to make the repairs. If you are just looking for the cheapest person to make the repairs, then you will have to ask around or go to an auto dealer. Most cheaper non-quality dent removal techs do not advertise to local customers because their work is not that good. They usually do repairs for auto dealers because they are cheap and do not need to have an excellent repair.

Mark asks…

I am looking into Paintless Dent Removal?

An instructor is charging me $1200 for 40 hours. Is it worth it?

Brian Blanc answers:

Yes its worth it ,think of it like this they do this without having to do any paint work ,i know i have a friend that does it and he charged me for some work he done and it was well worth it,they do a good job and for the time they spend they earn their money ,good luck.

Maria asks…

panel beater or paintless dent removal?

so i hav a dent in my car, but its not like a hail storm dent or anything. its about the size of two dinner plates, but very very shallow. like, not the sort of thing you would usually notice on a car at all, could probably sell it as is and nobody would notice the dent, but its my dads and i would like to get it fixed

the thing is, im 18 and kind of broke – can’t really afford $1500 for a panel beater, and heard paintless dent removal is much cheaper. but i was wondering if it would be ok for a dent like this? or do i need a proper panel beater?

is there any difference in quality between the two also?


so if the car is 12 years old and only worth about 4 grand…paintless dent removal would probably be a good idea?

now i must convince my parents of this 🙂

Brian Blanc answers:

Paintless dent removal is cheaper. But there is no guarantee that they will be able to get all of the dent out. And sometimes the area is still noticeable. As with anything, you get what you pay for. For the size your talking about, paintless dent removal is going to run you around 400$ or more.

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