Your Questions About Paintless Dent Removal

Donna asks…

How much does paintless dent removal cost on about 10 places on a car hood. Crazy guy w/road rage pounded it.?

Brian Blanc answers:

Replace the hood and try to stay away from these people(or sue them).

Daniel asks…

How effective is paintless dent removal on small door dings?

A suv opened their door into my car and left a nice ding on my drivers side passenger door. I am contemplating calling for a paintless dent removal technician to service my car but i am concerned about its efficiency on a small ding.

-No paint is chipped
-about as large as a dime
-not very deep
-no creases
How much would a service on a ding like this cost me?

**after the procedure, will i be able to tell that a dent was there? and will the process ruin my paintjob in any way? (ie; scratches, swirls)

Brian Blanc answers:

They do a great job, you won’t even be able to tell where the dent was and they won’t hurt the paint whatsoever, my son has a few taken out of his car and you can’t even tell where they were, price wise he paid like $250 for 3 dents.

Susan asks…

Has anyone used that PDR (paintless dent removal) kit the one with the glue? Does it work???

Brian Blanc answers:

Save your money.

Dry ice will unpop any dent that PDR will do.

Paul asks…

how much would it cost to fix a dent on a lexus. Dealer says t has to be repainted after dent removal?

Dent is right above the wind sheeld. Size of a Palm. Dealer says it has to be repainted after dent removal. Seems it can’t be done using paintless dent removal.

Brian Blanc answers:

Make sure you get a 2nd and 3rd opinion. Dealers aren’t known for trying to save their customers money. Body shops and individuals that do paintless dent removal are usually more competitive, especially if you are paying cash.

I’d guess $300 with paint if they can blend it into the paint, maybe up to $500 for the whole roof.

Good Luck!

Maria asks…

how much is paintless dent removal school tuition and length of course…??

how much does it cost……and the length of time of the course…….thank you…….

Brian Blanc answers:

I found a great deal with Superior Auto Institute. They offer 1 on 1 training at auto auctions on all kinds of cars. Their website is I am looking into getting a week off to train with them in the summer, they are giving me the tools and accessories also for 5K total…

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