Your Questions About Paintless Dent Removal

Jenny asks…

Can Paintless Dent Removal fix my cars slight nose? Can they see the damage properly?

Unfortunately my a tragedy occurred this week when my Grandfather was helping me back out my Camaro Z28 and the car moved forward to far and smashed into the garage at about 3 MPH. This caused cracks in the paint but I noticed theres a dent in the nose now that is INCREDIBLY hard to see as is any damage on the car because it’s painted reflective black but either way the dam cave in is there. I was wondering if I took it to a body shop that does paint less dent removal would they be able to do anything about it and how would this work? Could they even find the damage with their machines? Is their a default for how to fix this?

Brian Blanc answers:

They don’t find dent with machines they feel & see them. If you can they can. It may be able to be fixed via a hammer and dolly from the back side so there will be nearly no damage to the paint.

Chris asks…

Is Paintless dent removal any good? AAMI are giving me no option!?

My car was damaged in the melbourne storms. It is light dents on all but one panel about every cm especially on the roof and back hatch. I went to a panel beater and he said it sshould be a write off which to be honest was great because i was going to sell it anyway. So now I have been to the AAMI assessment center and they say that they will fix it using PDR. I am not too happy with this because the panel beater said that is not a good option. AAMI are saying it is my ONLY option. I have looked up some details and in the USA they say that it leave hairline cracks which eventually lead to rust which AAMI say is not true. Is there anything I can do? Has anyone had any experience with PDR or AAMI? I am not sure what to do! My husband is angry that we pay money for insurance but have no say in how it gets fixed. Any suggestions would be great 🙂

Brian Blanc answers:

PDR is one of the latest low cost options for panel repairs.
Carried out correctly, the results are indistinguishable from a normal paint repair, although it does depend where the accident damage lies on the vehicle.
Damage near panel lines is generally difficult to recify, but on flat panels, results can be surprisingly good.
I’ve watched dents rolled out of door panels, and found the results amazing.
Dont be afraid of such repairs.
Like anything, the result is only as good as the person performing the task though.

Betty asks…

Paintless/touchless dent removal?

How effective is this? I have about 15 dents from a recent hail storm and my car is a 2008 so I’d like to keep it looking good. Thanks

Brian Blanc answers:

Minimum £60 per dent

David asks…

paintless cheap dent removal?

Brian Blanc answers:

AAA paintless dent repair worldwide service in yellow pages and on the web

Ruth asks…

Car Body Panel Dent Removal?

I need a bit of info about paintless dent removals.
Last night some nice drunk chap decided to punch the wing on my Toyota Landcruiser and has left me with a couple of knuckle dents to deal with.
Rather than go down the route of getting a body shop to fill and paint my wing I was wondering if the claims made by paintless dent removal specialists are true and they can remove dents by rolling them out.
As anyone had this kind of work done to their motor and was you impressed with the work or not??

Brian Blanc answers:

By “wing” I presume you mean the door…if the dents are not “creased”, but is more of a smooth dish type, removing the interior panel and pushing out firmly with the heel of your hand could work to relieve it. But if they are smaller half dollar size, it will need more work to get them out…

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