Your Questions About Paintless Dent Removal

Sandra asks…

Dent removal?

Does anyoen know of a company around Brantford, that is called somehting along the lines on “paintless dent remover”…apparently the guy is good, and I have no idea how to find him!

Brian Blanc answers:

Check around your local body shops and dealerships for a paintless dent removal “pdr” guy. Dealerships uses them all the time to fix lot damaged cars, it most cases it cheaper, much faster, and cleaner then a body shop. Make sure you see his work first there are some real butcher out there, but usually pdr guy that work for dealership are really good. Don’t try to do it yourself you will regret it. Just some warnings about pdr it not magic they cant fix everything and most dents are only about 95% removed.

Thomas asks…

Dent Wizard?

Has anyone heard of Dent Wizard? they do paintless dent removal on cars. What do you think of them?
they can take large dents out too. i’ve heard they do their work so you don’t have to replace or paint your vehicle parts
What about in the Chicago area

Brian Blanc answers:

Gimmicky. The dent would have to be very slight for this to work.
Most fenders nowadays get replaced because they are so thin. There’s no fixing them.

Robert asks…

How can I remove very small dents from my car?

I have a dent on the rear quarter panel on the right side (right above the rear wheel). It’s a very small dent. Not noticeable unless I were to point it out, but it bothers me knowing that it’s there. I’ve tried removing it with a suction cup thing, tried the air duster can upside down thing, and I bought “pops-a-dent“. None of them worked. But it is very cold here since it’s winter, and I don’t know if that works against me. I called a paintless dent removal (PDR) guy who quoted me $150, which is more than I am willing to pay.

What else can I do aside from taking it to a body shop?

Brian Blanc answers:

What for?

Lizzie asks…

How much work would be involved fixing this?

My boot lid has surface rush gathering around a dent. Its my first car and is a banger looks wise but would like to keep it clean and restore it as much as my knowledge and budget allows me. The dint looks similar to this (with small amount of rust)

Is that fixable for a novice? I understand sanding, fill, prime, paint and lacquering but should i try and bang the dint out as straight as possible before doing any of that?

Brian Blanc answers:

Yes, it’s always best to use as little body filler as possible for a long lasting repair.

Mary asks…

1999 Mercedes Benz E 430: Opinions/Warnings/Experiences?

I’m 3 months from turning 15 & starting drivers ed, and my grandpa has given me his old 1999 Mercedes Benz E 430. He bought it as a gem in i think 2004, put a few dents and very few miles on it, then gave it to my aunt (who used it for about a year) and then it went back to him. He took it to the Mercedes dealer and had it’s problems fixed (nothing major), and has given it to me. I rode in it and its very smooth, 275 HP V8, comfortable, and handles well. However, i’ve noticed a couple of service campaigns on the airbags, and from what i understand the fixes have not been done on this car. Does anyone know where i can find out the range of VIN numbers these recalls apply to? Also, any opinions/experiences on the car are welcome. I’m thrilled to have this as a first car, despite its many dents (being taken to paintless dent removal soon). BTW, i’m very very very well versed on cars, so “dumbing things down” is unnecessary 😉 Thanks!

Brian Blanc answers:

A service advisor at a Mercedes dealer can check your VIN for open campaigns.
Campaign repairs are done at no charge to the owner.

A Mercedes is like any other brand, if it’s been well-maintained you shoudn’t have any unusual problems. Just be sure to keep doing the maintenance at the recommended intervals.

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