Your Questions About Paintless Dent Removal

Joseph asks…

Approximately how much does it cost to do a paintless dent removal on my vehicle?

How much is it for one dent to be removed without removing the paint?(paintless removal)
Why Not a dealership like Ryan stated?

Brian Blanc answers:

If you go to a company like “dentworks” They charge around $40 for a quarter sized dent, $100 for a golf ball sized dent, and $150 for a softball sized dent. I’ve never had to wait more than 45 minutes for a repair. I usually go right to Dentmaster, once I went to a detail shop that did paintless dent removal (company came out to the shop.) Beats the hell out of going to a body shop and dropping the car off for a week, and paying triple. Use the link below to find a location near you.

James asks…

How effective is Paintless Dent Removal on small dings?

I have a small ding from someone opening their door into my car. its small, shape of a dime, smooth, not deep, no creases, and no paint chipped off.

how effective is paintless dent removal on this type of ding?

will i be able to tell that a ding was there after the procedure?

Brian Blanc answers:

These are very effective, and most will not bill you if it doesn’t work out.
I have had some very bad ones they have worked on and made them much less visible, as well as many that just disappeared.
The only way to find out is to take it in and ask.
Well worth your time.

Betty asks…

How much does Paintless dent removal usually cost to remove dents on a car?

My cars about to be two years old, and i drive it daily to and from school. I’m currently a student who parks in parking structures that contain careless drivers who don’t mind banging their doors on your car when they park. And now i have at least 4 or 5 door dings/dents on the driver and passenger sides of my car. None of the paint is cracked nor chipped, just minor scratches over the dents. How much would pdr(paintless dent removal) usually charge to get this done?


Brian Blanc answers:

I had the same problem. I parked my new Infiniti way out in the parking lot where I thought it would be safe from carts, and morons…well turns out they thought my car was lonely so they came parked next to me and dinged up my door, I went to get estimates, 4 dings were gonna cost around $300 to fix(all because an inconsiderate fool).

I used a cool shock method, it took them out and shrunk them to about 98% gone. I got 2 DUSTER AIR CANS…the kind used for dusting electronics, hold it upside down and freeze the ding…make sure to get area around it. Have a heat gun(blow dryer will work too) and keep spraying til it turns white in color. Then immediately blow dry as hot as possible. This will cause the surrounding areas to shrink in You may have to do it several times. I know it worked for mine. Good luck.

Linda asks…

Has anyone ever used Paintless Dent Removal?

I have a large, shallow dent near the front of my car. I want to use Paintless Dent Removal, because I’ve heard that it is cheaper than traditional auto body work. Has anyone else ever used it? Were you impressed with the results? How quickly did they do it? How much did you pay? How big was the dent? Any info you have would be so appreciated. Thanks!

Brian Blanc answers:

Just get quotes from several paintless repair companies ….and DO NOT go with the cheapest one!!!

Daniel asks…

Does paintless dent removal work?

I have some smooth dents on my driver’s side door. They are approx. 100mm in diameter but only 1-2mm in depth. The paint finish is intact. Would paintless dent removal be a good option to fix them? Is it as good as it’s claimed to be?

Brian Blanc answers:

Sure, in some cases it is an excellent alternative. Ask for references first and talk to someone who has had that person/company work on there car and see what they say.

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