Your Questions About Paintless Dent Repair

Donald asks…

What kind of dents can paintless dent repair places get out?

I have dings, indents, scratches, a small crumple and a dip in the hood caused by engine compartment heat. What can they do for me?

Brian Blanc answers:

PDR is good for simple little dings and dents that are so small its not worth painting the panel for. That being said if you car has too many dents, dings and scratches, it might be better off to not fix it.

As far as PDR goes, hoods are double paneled. Engine compartment heat shouldn’t cause a dip in the hood…so I have to tell you that if this were my car I wouldn’t be pouring more money into it. PDR can’t do most hoods because there is a top and bottom sheet of steel (in most cases its steel, not always) which means unless they can get to the dip in hood by a hole, they can’t do it. They can get dings out of fenders, doors, quarter panels since its thinner sheet metal, but not always. The good thing is most dent guys are mobile. They can come to your work, look at your car and tell you what they can and cant do – and if they don’t do it, you don’t pay. You can figure around $100 a ding in California…Not sure where you are though..

Linda asks…

Will a Paintless Dent Repair Service have a hard time getting 2 small dents out that are located right above?

the tire? It’s the tire then the space between the tire then the plastic part. I guess it’s called the tired rim?

Brian Blanc answers:

As long as the dents are not in a crease they can do it. They may remove the inner fender plastic liners to get access – but should be no problem.

Steven asks…

Does Dent Wizard or paintless dent repair work?

I have a very small dent on my car door with no damage to the paint. I went to the dealer collision center and they want to charge me a few hundred of dollars. I have heard about paint less dent repair and I was wondering if it works. Would I be able to notice anything after?

Brian Blanc answers:

I took the course and it works. You get under the dent with a pick and it returns the metal to the original shape.

Mary asks…

Can a girl do paintless dent repair?

I’ve tried auto body work and it’s to labor intensive and hard. Anyone know if I can easily do PDR?

Brian Blanc answers:

Sure thing! We operate a Paintless Dent Removal Training School in California called the Superior Auto Institute and we have trained MANY women in the art of Paintless Dent Repair. We even trained a husband and wife combo and the wife kicked the husbands rear end all around the classroom. Bottom line- Women can do it, and do it just as well as men.

Lizzie asks…

Where can I get on the job training for paintless dent repair?

Brian Blanc answers:

My stepdad decided to learn PDR, he had to go to a school to do so. He already had 20 years in collision repair, and thought that this would be a good add on. You can make a hell of a lot of money doing this. I think the school was about $10k, but if I recall that included the tools, took about a week to ten days. A full set of tools is about $3k. Do yourself a favor, go to one of the schools, write the cost off as a business expense, and just work for yourself. Every customer is practice, and do some freebies for friends and family. Good luck.

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