Your Questions About Paintless Dent Repair

Sandra asks…

Can an insurance company force to to do the paintless dent repair after a hail storm?

force you..not to to lol
I’ve heard in some instances where doing the paintless dent repair actually causes the paint to loosen resulting in the paint chiping off. Has this ever happened to anyone?
My paint isnt in bad shape but It has a few scatches so I figure if it hails on it I’d like a new paint job.

Brian Blanc answers:

As the previous response indicates you can have any repair done that you want, but that’s not what the company is going to pay for.

I have been an insurance adjuster for a long time and have had the paintless dent removal done on my daughters car ofter hail. It worked great and I couldn’t tell any difference and I have appraised hundreds of hail damaged cars.

Many people don’t want to use the dentless repair because they think the insurance company is ripping them off.

I would suggest that you make a deal with the insurance (in writing) that you will have the dentless repair done and see how it looks. The agreement should include the option to have the dentless repair reviewed by a different qualified person after it’s done. And iff it doesn’t pass inspection then the company will pay for regular repair.

If you come to an agreement like this then you have nothing to lose. Just a suggestion.

Good Luck

Jenny asks…

Where can I go to Paintless dent repair school?

Brian Blanc answers:

There are alot of places that offer training just for paintless dent removal. Google *paintless dent removal training* (link below) you’ll get all kinds of results.


George asks…

I am looking for some information about PDR (paintless dent repair)?

I am located in Manitoba, my car has hail damage, can anyone recommend a reputable Paintless Dent Repair company?

Brian Blanc answers:

This guy is amazing. He runs a really honest business and always puts in the extra time it takes to execute a good repair. His company website is: , and his pricing is always reasonable.

Lisa asks…

how much does a owner of a paintless dent repair shop make$?

how much an owner of a dentless repair shop make and wat do the owners do

Brian Blanc answers:

Very good money if you have the work, usually at least $125 per dent.

Mark asks…

paintless dent repair vs new part and paint?

I have a truck with hail damage. It is 2007 model. A dealer recommands replacing new hood and paint and Service King (my insurance’s preferred body shop) recommands PDR. Can someone explain which method is better? Thanks…

Brian Blanc answers:

PDR is good for a short term cure. The problem with PDR is that when the dent is removed this damages the paint adhesion to the metal. Metal is more flexible than paint is, automotive paint when dry does not like to bend. So for a few months, maybe a few years the repair looks good then latter you get these small circles of paint chipping from you car each one over where the dent use to be. For a quick fix and get rid of car great, for long term keeping of car you may come to regret getting the PDR over actual part replacement and new paint job being done. Your insurance has to do what you want done, they would prefer to cut down the cost to them as much as they can. If you think you will be keeping this truck for a long time and repaint it latter then PDR is a good choice for you will never know where the metal had been dented and later you can put what ever color on it you wish. This all really depends on what you want done to your truck.

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