Your Questions About Paintless Dent Repair Cost

Joseph asks…

How much will paintless dent repair cost?

The driver in front of me on the freeway drove over a piece of a tire, and it came flying at my car, landing on my hood. There is one large dent on the front of my hood about 3 inches in diameter, and there are a few other smaller dents next to it. The paint is not damaged. Any ideas how much this might cost ( I am assuming a few hundred dollars because of the size and number of dents)?

Brian Blanc answers:

I had one from a delivery truck in my driver’s door about the size of a quarter. It was $135.00 for it to be removed.

You can go by most franchises and get an estimate in a matter of minutes. How difficult it is to access the back of the panel and the time needed are factors.

John asks…

What should paintless dent repair cost?

I have two shallow dents (more like 1″ creases) and the “dent dude” wants $200 to repair them on my VW Golf. One is on my front fender and the other is on the back fender. There is some plastic underpaneling to remove. Is that too much?

Brian Blanc answers:

When it comes to body work here it is kind of 50/50. 50%labor,50% supplies. And a man is worth a 100$ a day.

Carol asks…

approximately how much will paintless dent repair cost?

I recently got two dents on my passenger side front fender. I heard paintless dent removal is much cheaper and faster than going to an autobody shop. I live in maryland, how much will this cost me? here are a couple of pictures of the dents on my car.
it wont let me post the url for the pics

Brian Blanc answers:

Where are the photos? I had a pretty big one at the rear door and it costs me $85. They say it depends how bad, how big the dent and its location, harder place to reach from behind, will take them longer to massage the metal hence cost more.

Email the PDR company your photos and they will give you an exact quote, they will also instruct you how to take photos of the dent from different angles. Try a few companies and compare their prices.

Jenny asks…

paintless dent repair, hail damage?

i have 3 dents/dings

one on roof, 2 on trunk lid

one on trunk lid is decent, about as round as a quarter, any idea roughly how much this would cost for a paintless dent repair guy to do? (just guess based on previous experiences for minor hail damage?

Brian Blanc answers:

I might cost around $200 for the repairs to both the roof and trunk. It would be $100 each panel. They may need to remove the headliner and a trunk liner to access the dents. Like others had said you may have more dents than you are seeing. Once the car is looked at under special lights there may be additional dents which could increase the cost slightly.
Price for paintless dent repair car vary depending on your location, the size of the dents and how many of the dents are in each panel. The cost can also be different if the dents are from hail damage or if the are dents from another object.

David asks…

is there any open paintless dent repair on sunday with tollfree tel.?

trying to get ball park cost on repair from about 10 min. of .25 inch hail on a mazda B 2300.

Brian Blanc answers:

Nope most shops are on weekdays and maybe sat

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