Your Questions About Paintless Dent Repair

Sharon asks…

When fixing hail damage with Paintless Dent Repair does it effect the paint job down the road?

My husband’s car was recently damaged in a hail storm and the insurance adjuster gave us a quote based on Paintless Dent Repair if it was repaired at the collision center where it was taken for the estimate. I’ve heard that getting PDR done stretches the paint and can cause it to eventually crack down the road and damage the paint job. Is this true? Would it be better to have the car repaired by replacing some of the damaged areas and repainted?

Brian Blanc answers:

I used to work for a body shop and I can tell you that pulling dents without repainting them can cause the paint to bubble off of the body.

Whenever dealing with your insurance company, remember they want to lowball you. They’re in it to save money. You are entitled to have your vehicle fixed to your satisfaction.

Let me explain it like this. I lived in Dallas and we had hail every winter. Dealerships are mostly outdoors and they would have “hail sales” where they’d take an additional $3k off of a vehicle and let you fix it if you cared to do it.

Now, considering these dealerships all have body shops and can do it it at cost, why don’t they do that? And considering dent repair is cheaper, why don’t they do that? Why don’t they spend $1000 to fix a car instead of losing $3000 on it?

Because dent repair sucks. Get your car fixed. Get the dents pulled, bondoed, smoothed down and painted like new.

John asks…

does paintless dent repair work for metal garage door panels?

Will paintless dent repair work on metal garage door panel? How do I find a contractor who does it?

Brian Blanc answers:

Look in yellow pages for auto body but if your door has a “texture type “panel it can only take out most of the dent but not a complete match.. For that you would have to replace panel

Paul asks…

Does anyone know of or could recommend a paintless dent repair shop in Atlanta?

Looking to repair a large dent on my car.

Brian Blanc answers:

I used a paintless dent repair company in Dawsonville. Their name is Dented Auto. They are experts at removing large dents. I believe their website is

Jenny asks…

Where can I get some quality Paintless Dent Repair training?

Anyone know of a school or a program that will provide me with the best training experience and PDR tools…I need to learn to repair dents, especially during hail season.

Brian Blanc answers:

You are in luck. I just signed up with Superior Auto Institute. They offer private classes including tools, and still manage to give a better price than other schools in the area. Half of their training is done onsite at auctions on a number of cars, so they have plenty of real dent situations to practice on, incuding hail. I am working on their Pre-Trainer right now, and looking forward to more dents in a month…hope this link helps answer your question

William asks…

How consistent is paintless dent repair work?

I am about to lose my job and looking for a new career. Is PDR worth doing as a careeer?

Brian Blanc answers:

We operate a Paintless Dent Repair school in the USA and this line of work is very consistent. PDR, or Paintless Dent Removal is a great way to earn a very stable income by removing dents and minor dings from vehicles from private customers, dealers and panel beater shops. Many PDR techs performing Paintless Dent Removal are making in excess of 500 pounds a day and more!
Hope you dont lose your job, but if you do, check out Paintless Dent Repair. Come see our site for more information if you choose this business at the Superior Auto Institute.

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