Your Questions About Paintless Dent Repairs

Jenny asks…

I’d like to start my own business up as a pdr technician can anybody point me in the right direction?

I have been a panel beater for over 20 years and know my job well, I have recently bought PDR (Paintless dent repair) rods to help me in work, I want to start my own business up just doing PDR but don’t have the confidence.
Should I just go for it or stick with what I know

Brian Blanc answers:

Well, make sure you have enough capital and build up some strong network with people. Think of your options carefully before taking the plunge.

Good Luck!

Steven asks…

Can car wax or polish hide a small dent/ dimple in car door?

I have a 2008 model grand prix and noticed that there are these two really shallow dents/ dimples in the passenger door. They are both less than a dime in diameter, and no damage/ scratched paint. You almost have to be looking for these little dimples to see them.

This a a rental car that I have to bring back in a couple days and I’m wondering if wax or polish will sort of fill them in so they’re not noticible. They’re barely noticible now actually, you almost have to be looking at a certain angle to see them but they’re right next to each other so it’s a little noticible.

Unfortunately there are no paintless dent repair people around where I’m at so that’s a no go.

Thanks for any info.
Yeah taking the car back dirty sounds like a good idea, because I’ve also noticed that you can’t see the little dimles when the car is wet.. so it shouldn’t be noticible when it’s being washed or after.

Brian Blanc answers:

Dirt can hid a small ding! It depends how deep it is, if it dented the paint, you may be able to hid it with some wet sanding and buffing, but be careful not to make it worse than it already is. If it is a dent in the metal, you need to either touch it up or have it professonally fixed at a reputable shop

Robert asks…

Did the hail storm in dubai do alot of damage to the cars?

hail stones they do damage to the cars, i do paintless dent repair to cars .its a great way of repairing these cars.

Brian Blanc answers:

I didn’t know there was a hail storm in dubai…its’ in the middle of the desert so they rarely get rain, let alone a hail storm…

That would definitely be a kicker.

Joseph asks…

hail damage repair! what are the long term results from paintless dent removeal??

Brian Blanc answers:

No matter how good the pdr tech is. There is a chance of cracking the paint. It can also eliminate and you may not know until it’s too late. For the most part pdr is reliable and a good way to take care of the damage. Just make sure to use a reliable company and not some guy doing it out of their garage.

Maria asks…

Dealership dented my new car, made it worse with paintless dent removal. What now?

I bought a brand new, $42,000 car. The dealer insisted that i took delivery of it on a tuesday, even though it needed to go back to them for options to be installed on friday. The car sat in the driveway for 3 days, then i brought it to them on friday.

When i picked it up, it was dark, but the next morning i realized that the door was dented. I called the dealership and they made an appointment for a paintless dent guy to fix it. When he attempted to fix it, he punched a hole on the underside of the door to get to the dent, and the dent is still there. the dealer told me its not to noticeable, and its fine.

Now I have a new car with a dent on the door, and a hole underneath it.

I called the factory rep and they started a case for me, but in the end told me that it is up to the dealer on how to make it right.

My main question is what can i do to go about this? i would love to return the car for another one, is that asking too much? I paid for a new car, not a repaired one. If they repair it, am i out of line to ask for money back off of the initial car purchase?

What are some other ways that i can go about this? I am VERY obsessed about the way i take car of my cars and this is eating me up that if they repair it, it will not be up to my standard.

Thanks in advance,

Brian Blanc answers:

You paid $42,000 for a NEW UNDAMAGED car !!!!!!!!!! They were at fault!!! They could never fix it good enough for me! You can do what you want,but if it were me I would tell them that I want a different car. Unless they could fix it well enough that I couldn’t tell.
I know dealerships. “YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU ACCEPT” You will have to pester them, threaten to call a lawyer, what ever it takes and you must stick to your guns or they will walk all over you!
Remember, you will have to live with that car for as long as you decide to keep it.

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