Your Questions About Paintless Dent Repairs

Mark asks…

Ultraviolent light to repair hail damage?

I have a 2008 Mazda3 that has some hail damage to it. I took the car to a repair place, and three days later (when the guy at the place said it would be done) he calls me to say that the car needs more repairs then he initially quoted me. He says once his PDR (paintless dent repair) guy put the car under ultraviolet light, he saw many more “small” dents and needed another $1100 to make all the other repairs (that was roughly what he quoted me the first time). Also, in the initial quote, two deep dents on the top left side of the car were found and pointed out, but now when I talked to him he talked like he somehow hadn’t seen those before.

Is this guy ripping me off? I know what ultraviolet light is, how would that show anything on my car that couldn’t be seen in normal light, after all, humans can’t see the ultraviolet spectrum.

Brian Blanc answers:

If you can’t see them under normal light why would you care. Go get the car and take it some place else. This guy is a crook.

Sharon asks…

Can a small business have the same name as a business in another county?

Looking at starting a paintless dent removal, nterior repair, windhield repair, and wheel repair business and found that a Auto body and paint shop has the same name inc. Can i still register the name and conduct business under that name if i will not be incorprating it?

Brian Blanc answers:

To the best of my knowledge, yes. I don’t claim a perfect knowledge but I do claim an experience.

A little while back there was a similar issue in my parents bakery and it worked out that there was no fowl. I can’t quote any international copyright stuff or intellectual property.

I would talk to your state rep for copy-writing a business name to find out cause I have seen several Arizona business where the business had claimed their name, but I think that was only in state.

Nancy asks…

Can I keep the extra money from a check from the insurance company?

Some guy opened his door on my brand new car and put a ding in the side of it. I went to three different shops and they all said paintless dent repair was not an option because of the location of the damage. After I picked a body shop, the insurance company sent a check for the amount to fix the car. I just dropped my car off at the dealership to get warranty paint work done, so I just decided to have them fix the ding while they were at it. I called the guy’s insurance company and told them what I was doing, so they sent a new check to me. The body shop called me and asked if I wanted paintless dent repair and I told them to do it if they could, but I didn’t think it was possible. I found out they fixed it, so my insurance check is probably over the amount to repair by $500. Can I keep that money or do I have to give it back to the insurance company?

Brian Blanc answers:

That’s correct.

The money is yours. Only if you ar satisfied with the repairs.

Wait about two weeks to make sure that the job was completely at your satisfaction before you cash it.

That way if there was some other dings or damage that you saw they can fix it at that point.

Ken asks…

How can I get rid of car pen marks left over from PDR?

About a month ago I got my car fixed via paintless dent repair after it got pummeled by a recent hail storm. The dents are all gone but there are still pen markings that the guy used to outline where the dents were.

I’ve washed it, used rubbing alcohol, and used a clay bar on the marks and so far most have come out but there are still a few I just can’t get rid of. Is there anything else that won’t damage the paint that I can try?

Here are a couple pictures of the marks I am talking about:

FYI: In a week I am taking my car to get professionally detailed where they will wash/clay/wax/polish my car; do you think that will do the trick and get all the marks out?

Brian Blanc answers:

Usually you bring it to there attention and that will be handled/the right guy with a buffer wheel and some white compound and its gone

Richard asks…

Need advice on 2009 ford focus hood?

I need to replace a hood silver 2009 ford focus SES model. I jumped/ belly flopped on the hood (i’m 6’3” 240# 18yr) needless to say I put in a pretty nice dent threw the middle section of the hood. The owner wants me to replace it with a stock hood and i was trying to get some advice on options. I really want to opt for paintless dent repair if i can find a shop that will make the effort on a dent that size. Located in chicago land northwest indiana. otherwise needing a new hood where should i buy no aftermarket hood is acceptable oem style fit and paint is all he wants and i’m off the hook.

Brian Blanc answers:



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