Your Questions About Paintless Dent Repairs

Paul asks…

is it worth it to spend 60$ on a car ding / dent size of a grape?

i just bought a 2007 used honda civic in excellent condition. I got a ding/dent near the rear close to the rear door..its somewhat noticeable and somehwat irritating with the fact its there…should i try to do PDR Paintless dent repair….for around 60 bucks? or should i just leave it?

Brian Blanc answers:

This is a question only you can answer. Just ask yourself which will bother you the most. Spending $60 or looking at the dint every time you get in your car. Everyone’s priority is different

Sharon asks…

Automotive Paintless Dent Removal in Indian cities?

I’ve heard about a lot of PDR services run in US. But in India, there are no such services. Will a business like work in Indian cities? I hear people would go to standard/renowned auto service centers and claim insurance for dents / auto body repair, when their cars get into an accident. So how practical could this business idea be?

Brian Blanc answers:

I don’t know how picky people are with their cars. I lived in Kanpur as a kid in early 50’s lots of rickshaws and tonga’s, I remember the hindustan. Anyway ding repair business seems to do OK here seeing other people don’t care about dinging some ones car especially in shopping centers.They charge about $80 to remove ding using special pullers that don’t hurt the paint. If you have a willing clientele I’d say go for it and best of luck in a new venture.

Mandy asks…

what is the best way or what is the best reflector board to see small dents on white cars?

I am learning paintless dent repair and I use a grid as a reflector to see most dents but when I try to use it on white cars it is extremely difficult, any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanx!
Also if there are any good quality tools or any websites that you recommend please let me know, I am eager to learn and master this skill, thankx

Brian Blanc answers:

Use a blue fluorescent or a black light on it they will show up real good ,they,ll look like small creases when you see them on angle,i have a friend that does this and he,s starting to get good at it,it takes time to master it though,he bought a stand up light that reflects off white real good for about 40 bucks,good luck ,

Donald asks…

how can dings and dents be removed if my car’s bumper is made of plastic?

is there such a thing as paintless dent repair if it is on a plastic (and not a metal)bumper?

Brian Blanc answers:


Robert asks…

Starting a company and need a creative name?

I am starting a Dent removal company for automobiles and need to come up with a catchy name with the word “Dent” in it. Realize that where I am starting this they do not have a Paintless Dent Repair company so it need to be clear what we are about.
I promise that I will pick the best answer! Have fun and I look forward to all your suggestions!

Brian Blanc answers:

Dent busters- don’t get bent over dents!

X dents- we cross dents out.

Auto dentist- we fix your “car” aches.

Dent docter- we “tend” to dents.

Dent saver- the only place you don’t get bang for your buck

hope this helps. Good luck with the business. : )

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